Iron woman has learned to smile. Namie Amuro FEEL tour 2014 impression.

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She returns with a reserved and modest manner, on a simple stage. Bringing her Dynamic Dancing and singing.
Believing in herself and staying true to her own style, has brought her through to this point.

Amuro has been reborn, flashing a smile like never before.



Although my history as a fan of Amuro is not that long, I first went to the 2010 PAST<FUTURE tour having been invited by my friend randomly.
At that time I wasn’t so excited to go but I thought her music was kind of cool so I decided to go even though I didn’t really listen to much before going.
But when I got to the live house there was a mystery air of enthusiasm about that took me by surprise.
Although the concert had not yet begun her fans were entranced by the stage with an air of anticipation.
Everyone seemed ready to perform as if they were going on stage.
People were all waiting with baited breath for the moment to start.
Since this was my first experience I didn’t fully understand but I knew I was experiencing something out of the ordinary.
I didn’t know what was going to be performed but I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was wrapped up in the mood of the crowd.


Before I knew it the concert had begun, and that moment that everyone had been waiting for, I now understood.
Although I was in the last row, I couldn’t control my excitement she was that good.
The lighting and music were perfect and her level of dancing and singing, while using her sly smile to excite the crowd, was impeccable.
The high energy songs and dancing just kept coming without taking time out to speak to the crowd.
I began to realize I was having an experience like none I had had before.
The concert was not yet half way over but I felt like the stage had come to life.
though it didn’t take as long as expected I understood what everyone had been waiting for!
When the concert ended I just kept thinking to myself “what am I going to do now” to match what I had just experienced.


I know that my explanation of the past concert was a bit long but it was that experience that brought me to my desire to go over and over again to her see her perform.
This brings us to the current 2014 FEEL tour.
This tour is different from the prior Amuro concerts I have been to.
Although to give a full explanation as to why would take a while, I’ll try to keep it on the short side.
Amuro had her break out in the nineties, she then left Komuro production and changed her style of music. It was at this time in the early two thousands that her popularity waned.
But she continued on with high quality music and concert productions, culminating in the 20 year anniversary dome tour of 2013.
That brings us to the 2014 FEEL tour. It was probably because of the success of the dome tour that Amuro brings this new smile to the new feel tour.
Does a smile change things that much?
Actually, yes indeed it does.
Please watch this video.

Do you understand?
There are all types of faces out there but Amuro’s smile is unbelievably cute. I watch that video over and over both day and night.
Who knew she had such a cute smile? Maybe it was because of her self producing or wanting to look cool instead of cute but until the Feel tour she always seemed to be a bit stern in her expressions during her concerts.
But, like I said, this tour is different. It appears she has had a weight lifted from her shoulders and seems to really be enjoying herself now. She has grown from her serious, slightly mean looking face to a nice friendly relaxed smile.
She still has her times on stage, while she is deep in concentration of her dancing, that she appears serious but then she suddenly smiles again and the contrast of the two really works well for her.

As you can see in this preview video she is smiling quite a bit.
This is showing she has made it and conquered her rivals.
Are there any other EDM artists that perform while smiling like this? A silent revolution has begun.